When Is It Time For An Intervention?


When Is It Time For An Intervention?

An intervention is essential to make a drug or alcohol dependent realize that there is an immediate and important need to get help for his or her addiction problem. An intervention is carried out by the people who truly love and care for the dependent through the help of a professional. This is an expression of love and great concern for the well-being of the person who is involved in drug or alcohol addiction.

The process of intervention will temporarily bring the mind of the dependent back to reality. A much needed realization of how the substance abuse takes its toll on his or her life and to the lives of the people who are deeply concerned for their well-being. This is a perfect window of opportunity for a chance and hope of recovery for the dependent. In the intervention, the drug user or alcoholic will have the chance to hear the sentiments and the hurt of the people who are close to them.

The substance abuser will get a perspective on how the addiction affects not only his or her life but the lives of the people who cared for them the most. This will most lilely be an emotional confrontation. And the ultimate objective of an intervention is to offer the kind of help that the drug or alcohol dependent really needed the most. The goal is to get the drug or alcohol dependent to accept the help that is being offered through this process.

There is no perfect or right timing for an intervention. The earliest possible time the better. People who are confronted with the issue of addiction need not wait for the perfect time because delaying an immediate intervention is denying the chance of recovery for the dependent. There is no need to wait further when the dependent hits rock bottom, or wait for some kind of divine intervention to make the dependent realize by them self that it is time to get help. The more we wait and delay the further the extent of damage and the degree of addiction may escalate into a higher level.

The earliest possible time is the best time for an intervention. It is really a race against time when it comes to waging war against drug addiction problems. The longer the help is delayed the greater the possible damage incurred. This is especially true for drug or substance dependency. We could just imagine the extent of damage in the physical manifestation of the addiction as well affecting the normal mental or psychological function of the drug dependent.

Addiction to substances of all forms as we all know can gravely affect the well-being of any individual. Changes in personalities are imminent as the drug dependency deepens. The body is also affected and the psychological faculty of the drug or alcohol dependent is also affected. The family or coworkers will notice the mood swings and the changes in logical reasoning of the dependent.

Drugs and other abused substances can really wreak havoc over the totality of any person who fell victim to their addiction. There are too many negative effects of substance abuse, too many to even mention here. And as a person’s addiction grows deeper on a daily basis, as so its negative ill effects. It would be a lot harder to take control of the situation and will take more time to achieve full recovery against the problem of addiction.

If you are in this situation of seeing a loved one drowning deeply to the abyss of his addiction there is no need to delay for help. It’s better have the initiative to get the much needed intervention today. Now is the perfect time to set an intervention. This is particularly true if you are the only one aware. It is tough, but sometimes with awareness comes responsibility. There are stages of certain addictions where you may have their life at risk.