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What Is An Intervention?


What Is An Intervention?

Millions of individuals nowadays are victims of the grips of addiction. People who are in this predicament are more and more hooked to the substance of their choice. The problems of addiction and alcoholism are wreaking havoc not only in this country but in almost all parts of the world. Addiction of any kind is now a global problem that most families are facing today.

There is always a solution to this persistent problem of society and that is through an intervention. What is an intervention? An intervention is an attempt to help a loved one get professional help from their traumatic life experience such as their destructive addiction to chemical substances or alcohol or even destructive obsessive compulsive behavior.

An intervention is a way of making an addict realize the need to recover and regain his or her own life back. This is a process which will involves careful planning and analyzing of the depth of addiction of an addict by the close family members and friends which may also be considered as codependent under the guidance of an interventionist.

The interventionist will play a key role in the intervention process. He or she will be the one to mediate between the drug dependent and the codependent family members. It is important that the family members or close friends of the drug or alcohol dependent make a list of the behavior issues that are being manifested due to his or her addiction and that this list of unwanted behaviors will no longer be tolerated.

These may include asking for financial support or loans, providing the very basic need such food and shelter and among other things. The time and date should be set accordingly, the intervention should be scheduled at the right time in the right place. This event must be kept secret to the dependent in order to avoid suspicion. With the careful analysis of the lifestyle of the drug or alcohol abuser, the interventionist will designate a rehabilitation facility suited for the addict.

The intervention is the best setting to convey a message of hope by the friends and family towards the drug or alcohol dependent. Through intervention an addict or alcoholic will have an overview of his or her addiction and will somehow get a better understanding for the need to have a full recovery and heed the request of his family or close friends. It is a communication process wherein the loved ones and family get to openly express their hurt and anger towards the addiction of their loved one who are being tormented by his or her addiction.

The ultimate goal or objective of the intervention is to get the drug or alcohol dependent to a rehabilitation center wherein he or she will be undergoing a recovery and treatment program. The intervention is the first step that is necessary to achieve recovery from substance or alcohol abuse.

As an intervention is not limited to only drug or alcohol dependency problems it can help also the families and an individual who have some unreasonable and destructive behavior or habit. The need for an intervention for people who manifest such behavioral problems such as hoarding, compulsive gambling and other forms of addiction will benefit from this and it will be beneficial also for the well being of the other individuals involved.

Intervention is very vital towards the recovery of an addict or an alcoholic. It is a medium wherein people who are living around the dependent will work together with the interventionist who is a professional towards a common goal of extending the chance and hope for a full recovery against addiction and dependency. An intervention could mean success for both those affected and the alcohol or drug dependent.


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