The Best Way To Prepare For An Intervention


The Best Way To Prepare For An Intervention

In our society today one of the most pressing issues is the problem of addiction. Addiction comes in many forms. Many are hooked on illegal substances, some are drinking excessively while others are addicted to gambling while some are compulsive hoarders. All of these are now considered as medical problems which entail the need for medical as well as social and psychological treatment.

Addiction must be treated in all levels or facets in order to effectively take care of this condition. It is a holistic approach and dealing only with one aspect of addiction will not lead to a successful recovery for the drug dependent or alcoholic. Then when a full recovery is underway, the individual has a chance to live a life potentially better than they have ever experienced.

The method of intervention is an initial step towards the treatment and the recovery of the drug or alcohol dependent. Intervention uses a direct approach of confronting the drug or alcohol dependent by presenting the ill effects of the addiction towards the people who are close to them. At the same time offering him or her help and the chance of having the treatment and recovery program that he or she truly deserves.

Intervention involves careful preparation. The interventionist will need the cooperation of the family and close friends to make it happen. This is because the people around the drug or alcohol dependent are also a direct victim of this problem. They will need to discuss all the bad effects of their loved one’s addiction and how they are gravely hurt by it and how they are emotionally as well as mentally shattered by the addiction problem. Prior to this event the interventionist will ask for a short but precise list of the behavioral issues which truly devastated them.

This may seem harsh but this is a way to deal with the addiction issue in reality. The time of the intervention as well as the setting or venue must be perfect and should not give and suspicion of the upcoming event to the drug or alcohol dependent. Preparation may take days or even weeks but careful planning will give more positive outcomes.

By having the behavioral issues that arise from the addiction listed down and by having the perfect timing scheduled, the next request of the intervention moderator is to have a counseling session with the family members. During this period they will be able to discuss what important and relative key issues are needed to be discussed during the actual intervention. There is a need to prepare the people who are close to the dependent on an emotional as well as mental level. This will strengthen their convictions and also so they will not give in to the whims of the dependent.

For the final preparation for the intervention is the practice or the rehearsal on how the family members and friends will act or what part they will take in the upcoming event. They will familiarize themselves on what to say and what to expect from the drug or alcohol dependent. The practice or rehearsal will give them the much needed readiness for a confrontational and emotional intervention ahead. This is important so that the participants will adhere to the core intention of the intervention.

Intervention could be emotionally and mentally challenging for both parties involved. It could also mean self-pity and the feeling of being misunderstood on the part of the drug or alcohol dependent. Basically for the people who will be involved, they really will not know what to expect from the dependent. That is why it is best to intervene through the guidance and mediation of a professional in this field to make the process of intervention successful.