Are Interventions Successful?


Are Interventions Successful?

There is success in intervention. This is a reality. The truth is, intervention is successful for both the drug dependent and the people around him. Success is achieved in both parties involved. Intervention is a process of extending the much needed professional help for the drug dependent or alcoholic through the collaboration of close family relatives and loved ones by the help and guidance of an interventionist.

The importance of intervention towards the realization of recovery and treatment for the addict or alcoholic is, it will make him realize his importance to the people around him and will persuade him to seek the help he badly needs through the support of family and close friends. Success in interventions is possible if there is an admission and realization of the need to receive treatment and recovery by the person who is the subject of the intervention.

Success in intervention can be gauged on two things; first if the person who needs the help accepts it and if the close family members recovered from their enabling and codependent roles, and painful situation in relationship with said individual. Intervention plays a key part in the recovery of the codependent behavior of the family members and friends of the afflicted individual.

It will really help the people who are close to the drug or alcohol dependent to gain control of their emotions and not be manipulated again by the dependent. Thus this will lead to the breaking of the vicious cycle of codependency over the drug addiction problem that is so common. For the benefit of the drug user or alcoholic, intervention will be an integral part of accepting his need to change.

Through this, the addict or alcoholic will have a new perspective on how he is perceived by the people close to him and in that way he would somehow realize that there is an immediate need to seek professional help. This will be the initial step in getting a dependent to the road to recovery. Intervention nowadays plays an integral part of the recovery program for the dependent as well for the codependency.

This method is necessary for those drug or alcohol dependents who are in denial and who are relying on their family’s support for their addiction. This is also needed to give a reality check into how their addiction destroys the lives of people who are close to them. Addiction not only is destructive to the abuser’s life but also it affects negatively the lives of the family members and loved ones. Most of the time it will take an intervention to get the message straight to the drug or alcohol dependent.

In most situations people who are close to the dependent are so afraid to admit that there is a problem. They are also in denial and not ready to face the reality of drug addiction and alcoholism. Same thing with the drug user and alcoholic, they make themselves believe that there is no problem of addiction. One sure way to address this dilemma is through intervention.

This method will surely squeeze out the reality of how drugs or excessive alcohol abuse affect the existing relationship of people. By pointing out the hard truth, there is hope that the drug or alcohol dependent will realize his mistake and opt to change for the better to preserve his relationship with the people around him. An intervention would help the family members and friends to stop supporting the unwanted behavior as well as the addiction.

It will bring inner peace for them. For the user and abuser of drugs and alcohol this will help them achieve success in submitting themselves into a recovery program which will lead them to sobriety and control of their lost lives. There is truly a successful outcome for everyone in this from who are battling the issue of addiction, and those associated with this person.